Let's Go Fishin'
Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What should I bring?
Although each trip is different, there are basic items you should have, including sunblock, sun glasses, rain gear if inclement weather is a possibility, snacks & drinks (ice, and an on-board cooler are provided), favorite fishing rods & gear.

  • What do you provide?
I provide the boat, fuel, launch fees, ice, bait (if needed), life jackets, and my services.

  • Do you provide fishing rods & tackle if I need it?
Yes. I have easy to use spinning rods & reels, along with necessary tackle. I will provide instructions & teach you how to fish if you are a beginner.

  • Is there an additional charge if you use my fishing gear?
There is no additional charge, but if you lose it overboard, or break a rod through negligence, a reasonable replacement fee is charged.

  • What type of boat do you have?
I own & use a 2003, 21' Nitro 929 bass boat, powered by a 250 hp, 2014 Mercury motor.

  • Where will we meet? 
Our meeting place will depend on the areas that we will be fishing. For example, if we will be fishing on the Susquehanna Flats, I normally like to meet at Tydings Memorial Park, in Havre de Grace. We will firm up our meeting place & time the night before.

  • Do you guarantee that we will catch fish?
No. You should not book a trip with me or any guide if you are only looking to catch fish. Do I want you to catch fish? Absolutely! No one wants to see you catch fish more than I do. However, fishing on tidal waters can be extremely challenging. There are many factors that can impact fish behavior, such as tides, wind, water temps, moon phases, etc.
A fishing trip offers much more than just catching fish. We often see eagles, ospreys, deer, otters, beavers and other wildlife. The entire trip is an adventure, experiencing the great outdoors first hand never gets old. Catching is the icing on the cake! The only guarantee I make, is that I will provide you with my best effort to find and catch fish, based on my vast experience & knowledge of the area and current patterns.

  • How many people can go out at one time?
I can take 1 or 2 guests, along with myself. If you have additional folks who would like to go at the same time, I can get another boat & guide. 

  • Do you offer a discount for just 1 person?
Yes, but we must discuss in advance. I'm willing to negotiate a lower rate, but I cannot spend 4 hours riding around to show you 20 different spots to fish unless an additional fee is paid for gas.

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